Work at biocodex

How to join us

Biocodex’s headquarters, manufacturing facilities, R&D center and 20 subsidiaries are constantly seeking the right candidates. You could be one of them!

If you have a service mindset and you want to work in a fast-paced, inspiring environment, we might have the right job for you.

We need skilled team players who can challenge themselves and their team to continuously improve operations. Biocodex employees are professionals in their fields; flexible, persistent and positive. Team working skills are important for us. We cooperate widely with various groups, both locally and internationally. We welcome people from different backgrounds. Being multicultural helps us achieve our goals as part of an international organisation and a global world.

Open positions in Biocodex Nordics

We advertise our open positions on LinkedIn and other channels. You can also submit an open application.

To join our locations outside Nordics, please go to Our Locations page and select the country you are interested in or check job opportunities on our LinkedIn account. 

Are you ready to apply?

If you find an available job to suit your expectations and experience, we encourage you to take the plunge and submit your application. Biocodex’s HR teams will consider it carefully.

If you need some help for your application, here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your CV and cover letter:

  • Choose a suitable title to catch the recruiter’s attention
  • Highlight your sector/business expertise
  • If you choose to include a photo in your resume, smile (but avoid a vacation shot)!
  • Take the time to perfect the layout of your CV and cover letter, since recruiters can receive several hundred applications for the same position
  • Choose a professional font and stick to two pages so your application can be assessed quickly
  • Every job offer is unique, so adapt your CV to the position in mind, highlighting your most relevant skills and experience
  • Remember to describe your responsibilities, tasks and results/achievements for each position held in concise bullet points
  • Start your sentences with verbs to gain space, avoiding jargon and acronyms
  • Highlight your expertise and areas of interest, along with your language and computer skills
  • Detail your extra-professional activities if they demonstrate valuable personal qualities
  • Watch out for spelling and typos, if necessary by having your CV and cover letter proofread
  • Be honest: indicate only languages that you master, skills actually acquired, etc.

You are ready to apply now!