Work at biocodex

Our Workplace Culture

We are proud of our employees, who are specialists in their fields of expertise, productive and helpful. Every employee is an integral part of the Biocodex business. We want to maintain an inclusive and inspiring work environment in which experimentation and trying out new ideas is not only permitted but welcomed. We encourage our employees to come up with development ideas and to try out new ways of working. Our entrepreneurial work culture provides an environment in which our employees can increase their skills and responsibilities.

Biocodex cares

We care for the wellbeing of our employees. We support a good work–life balance through flexible work arrangements. We think it is important that everyone feels included and appreciated at the workplace. We believe that genuine care for people and a good work atmosphere provides better results.

We are growing our organization by recruiting people who are creative, motivated and open-minded. We are proud of our efforts to create a friendly, inspiring and stimulating work environment that supports our employees’ career development and quality of life.

Make a difference with soft skills

In Biocodex your personality and your soft skills are just as important as your qualifications. The ability to develop is fundamental to who we are. With this mind, we’ve created the “Unlock your talents!” program to:

  • Support Biocodex’s development and strategy
  • Adapt our strategy to the changing demands of patients and markets, while remaining at the forefront of innovation
  • Keep employees engaged in Biocodex’s ambiton: to improve the health of patients worldwide
  • Reinforce our unique culture and strengths

Experience a digital workplace

For several years, Biocodex has been digitizing its internal tools to simplify day-to-day tasks and enable teams to concentrate on work that brings most value. From B-linked, a 360° collaborative platform offering the latest digital technologies to organize the working day, to a world-leading HR tool managing personal data, pay slips, career planning and holiday requests, Biocodex provides a digital environment that fosters skills development and collaboration at all levels of the company.

Learn better with BioLearning

We are committed to developing your talents and capabilities. Our internal digital tool, BioLearning, provides training and coaching to support employees throughout their careers. With BioLearning, you can focus on reaching your career goals by improving your knowledge of our products or challenging your soft skills through specific modules.