Biocodex in Nordics


We are working with our partners in several therapeutic areas, like dermatology, oncology, or neurology. Our experts are working closely with health care professionnals, guiding the way towards optimal treatments for everyone. Our partners can choose either the comprehensive business model or selected services.

Business Partnering

We value close and confidential relationships and offer the following services in the Nordic and Baltic countries:  

Consulting services 

  • Expertise in registration, pharmacovigilance and device safety, quality systems and their management and GxP audits 
  • and a wide-ranging compliance support to life-science companies  

Sales and marketing  

  • Sales for pharmacies, doctors and other health care groups 
  • Field secretary services 
  • Hospital tenders 
  • Contracts, collaboration, and campaigns with chain customers 
  • Strategic marketing plans 
  • Brand management 
  • Digital marketing and training 

Our partners can choose between a comprehensive business model or certain selected services. 

Our operations are based on responsibility and customer trust. We provide the best possible high-quality services to all our customer groups. 

The quality of customer experience is a matter of honor for us and we always strive for a service that exceeds expectations, whether we cooperate with healthcare professionals or patients. We are working together to promote health. 

In marketing, we are committed to following Pharma Industry Code of Ethics. 

Each year we publish a report covering our cooperation with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, including the fees and other financial benefits that they have received. 

Disclosure is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and its member organisation Pharma Industry Finland. For its part, Biocodex Nordics wants to ensure transparency and openness of the cooperation. Cooperation between healthcare professionals and pharmaceuticals industry is essential for developing the healthcare sector, creating pharmaceutical innovations and ensuring drug safety. Healthcare professionals are given the latest information about pharmaceutical treatments, and they, in turn, can serve as expert advisers to pharmaceutical companies. We cooperate for the benefit of patients. The information about cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals is available to everyone.