Biocodex in Nordics

Transparency of cooperation

Each year we publish a report covering our cooperation with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, including the fees and other financial benefits that they have received.

Disclosure is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and its member organisation Pharma Industry Finland. For its part, Biocodex Nordics wants to ensure transparency and openness of the cooperation. Cooperation between healthcare professionals and pharmaceuticals industry is essential for developing the healthcare sector, creating pharmaceutical innovations and ensuring drug safety. Healthcare professionals are given the latest information about pharmaceutical treatments, and they, in turn, can serve as expert advisers to pharmaceutical companies. We cooperate for the benefit of patients. The information about cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals is available to everyone.

Download the attached files for details:


Disclosure Estonia 2020 (PDF) Methodology note Estonia 2020 (PDF)

Disclosure Latvia 2020 (PDF) Methodology note Latvia 2020 (PDF)

Disclosure Lithuania 2020 (PDF) Methodology note Lithuania 2020 (PDF)


Disclosure Estonia 2019 (PDF) Methodology note Estonia 2019 (PDF)

Disclosure Latvia 2019 (PDF) Methodology note Latvia 2019 (PDF)

Disclosure Lithuania 2019 (PDF)


Disclosure Estonia 2018 (PDF) Methodology note Estonia 2018 (PDF)

Disclosure Latvia 2018 (PDF) Methodology note Latvia 2018 (PDF)

Disclosure Lithuania 2018 (PDF) Methodology note Lithuania 2018 (PDF)

Disclosure Norway 2018 (PDF) Methodology note Norway 2018 (PDF)