Microbiota Health

Our gut is home to more than 100 trillion microorganisms. The balance of these bacteria is vital for our gut health, but also for our immunity, mental and physical health. Probiotics can help to balance our microbiota, ecological community of microorganisms. They can be found in certain foods or also in medicines and food supplements.

Our Microbiota Products by country

Finland: Precosa (medicine), Symbiosys Alflorex, Symbiosys Serenitas

Sweden: Precosa (medicine), Symbiosys Alflorex 

Estonia: Enterol (medicine), Symbiosys Alflorex, Symbiosys Serenitas 

Latvia: Enterol (medicine), Symbiosys Alflorex  

Lithuania: Enterol (medicine), Symbiosys Alflorex, Symbiosys Cytalia, Symbiosys Spamodia, Symbiosys Defencia Adulte, Symbiosys Defencia Enfant, Symbiosys Serenitas