Biocodex in Nordics

Our leadership

Our Leadership

Since the discovery of the first probiotic drug, Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM  I-745®  in  1953,  Biocodex  has  evolved  from  a  pioneer  to  an  international key player in the microbiota realm.

At Biocodex  we  have  devoted this expertise to nurturing and elevating the importance of the human microbiota on our health. We believe that understanding and acting on microbiota is part of the future of human health, and we are committed to realizing our mission and to improving the quality of life of individuals worldwide. We provide solutions like high quality probiotic products, we educate healthcare professionals on the growing importance of microbiota on well-being and fund academic researches through Biocodex Microbiota Foundation.

Biocodex acquired Laboratories Iprad in 2020. Biocodex have now also complementary product portfolios in the field of feminine care market. The first products will be seen in Nordics in near future.

Our Business model

Our Biocodex Nordics unique business model offers  an  extensive  service  portfolio. We import and market hospital and OTC pharmaceuticals, as well as free trade products. We also provide comprehensive  range  of  pharmaceutical  and  medical  services  including  auditing,  regulatory and pharmacovigilance services. Besides our own products, Biocodex Nordics represents 16 international pharmaceutical companies and offers pharmaceutical and medical services to over 100 customers worldwide.

At the heart of our success Biocodex depends on the engagement, passion and conviction of the people who enable us to make progress toward our vision. We place a high priority on employee  development  and  quality of life to create an inspiring, challenging and humanistic workplace.